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Lucan: Different Opening Narrations

“In 1967 a group of hunters ventured into the remote part of Northern Minnesota. They came back with a strange story. Where there are no roads, the human-animal is rarely seen, and other forms of life may flourish undisturbed. From the outside, these dense forests look lifeless, but inside there are Elk and Caribou, Black Bear, and Bobcat, It is also the last refuge in America of Canis Lupis … the Grey Wolf.

The Hunters who penetrated deep into this lush wilderness claimed to have seen a creature living there, which at first, they didn’t identify. It turned out to be a 10-year-old human, a boy. Deserted by his parents at an early age, he somehow survived, adapted to the environment. How? We may never know.

He hunted like a wolf. He ate, and slept, and even howled like a wolf. An expedition captured the wild boy and brought him to a University Research Center in California. There, 10 years ago, he began his immense journey. It is the journey man himself has made. From the forest to civil…

Lucan Premiere Ad, 1977 & TV Guide Listing

Lucan was apparently unpreviewed by the TV Guide critics, so it wasn't given a proper review when it premiered on ABC, May 22nd, 1977. 

Teen Magazine Collection: Kevin Brophy From Head To Toe (1977)

I have a lot of photo clippings and articles about Kevin Brophy from magazines that I'll be posting on here. I hope to create an album the photos if Blogger allows one. The articles will appear in posts like these. Enjoy!

The Lucan Press-Kit: Kevin Brophy Bio (1977)

After graduating from California Institute of Arts, Kevin Brophy quickly got his first professional acting job – starring in the title role of MGM Television's new hour-long adventure series, LUCAN, premiering on ABC network December 26.
What's it like to start at the top?
"Wonderful, absolutely wonderful," enthuses Kevin, just two years out of college. "I thought maybe I should just get out and run a dairy farm in Wisconsin. And then along came LUCAN and suddenly my life did a 180-degree turn. Instead of everything being down, everything was up."
In his role as LUCAN, Kevin portrays a young man in search of his roots. He was left abandoned as an infant, for reasons unknown to LUCAN, and was raised by wolves in the northern wilds. He has acquired an animal's mistrust of humans but knows he must live among them and earn their respect and assistance if he is ever to find his parents or otherwise determine t…

Original Lucan Poster!

About two years ago I had the good fortune to find the Lucan press-kit on eBay, the seller was kind enough to also send me a slide of this rare poster. 

Coming Soon!

Please forgive the dust. This Blog site is under construction. I'll be bringing the good content I had on my original Lucan site and making brand new posts featuring articles, clippings and more. You can read the current Pages I've posted so far.

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